Emanuel Bernal is a seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the legal Cannabis industry.  He has owned and operated Cannabis businesses in Colorado since 2009 and is committed to Cannabis product development, education, as well as Scientific and Medical research.

Bernal is the Founder of Concentrate Products, a business focused on creating pharmaceutical-grade Cannabis concentrates and infused products for the Medical and Recreational adult-use markets.  Concentrate Products is committed to using Science and Technology to create innovative products, while changing the way Cannabis is accessed and perceived across the World.  Bernal has worked closely with leading Scientists and Physicians to conduct research on the Medicinal effects of Cannabinoids, as well as developing new Cannabis products and methods of consumption.  Most notably, Bernal is collaborating with Dr. Juan Carlos Restrepo, a clinical epidemiologist from Colombia, and a team of chemists on research related to administering CBD for different ailments.

Bernal has also worked closely with Paul Murray, founder of HempCo and Hempson Bio Tech, to create a variety of hemp topicals and transdermal products.  His team has also designed a number of original THC and CBD oils, edibles, capsules and tinctures.  He has partnerships with research scientists across the Globe and is facilitating a number of International research projects studying Cannabis plant genetics, as well as Cannabinoid and Terpene profiles of various Cannabis strains.

Bernal is also committed to educating Health professionals, Patients and Government officials about the Medical and Economic benefits of legalizing Cannabis.  Bernal and his business partners have presented at Conferences and Expos in Colombia, Israel, Mexico and the United States.  His family is from Mexico, and Bernal is particularly active in promoting Cannabis education and research throughout Latin America.  His business is organizing and sponsoring Cannabisalud - a conference to be held in Guadalajara, Mexico - dedicated to presenting Medical and Scientific research about Cannabis.  Bernal also attended a conference at the Mexican Congress in Mexico City in September 2016 to educate the Congress and Senate members about the revenue stream and job growth the Cannabis industry has created in the United States.

Prior to founding Concentrate Products, Bernal focused on building Cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution businesses in Colorado.  He successfully registered with the State of Colorado for nine licenses for cultivation, manufacturing and distribution over the course of his career.  Bernal has extensive experience in developing, implementing and maintaining Standard Operating Procedures related to all elements of Cannabis cultivation, including environmental control, lighting mechanisms, media and nutrient additives, post-harvest processing and quality control, as well as optimal strain genetic selection.  He has led highly qualified teams throughout the entire process of Cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution, as well as the build-out and construction of cultivation facilities.  He owned and operated the Platte Valley Dispensary for four years, overseeing 25 employees.  After selling the dispensary for a profit, Bernal bought and built-out another large-scale Cannabis cultivation facility in Denver, Colorado that he currently owns and operates.