We strive to stay on the cutting edge of the most productive and efficient ways to propagate, cultivate and process product from seed to sale.  With our proven standards of operation we can help you regulate quality and efficiency.  We offer private sessions to view our current and live operations where we administer techniques well above industry standards concerning yield per light, achieving  high THC levels and maintaining a contaminant free facility.  As a highly scrutinized industry it is of utmost importance to maintain a high standard of purity and sterility to ensure success in required safety testing and quality control.


Our personal  experience with ownership of both retail and wholesale establishments can help you avoid the common pitfalls in the cannabis industry.  Whether it's inventory tracking, transportation, health and safety,  records reconciliation, Point Of Sale operations or marketing tactics we can offer crucial and indispensable counseling.  We have dealt with everything, from staffing and scheduling, to equipment needs and compliance, while managing business expansion and making sure the bills get paid in full and on time.  We continue to adapt our strategy and methodology to stay ahead of the curve in this constantly changing and rapidly evolving economic sector on the rise.



With years of experience in the Colorado real estate market we specialize in raising capital to acquire and develop facilities for long term growth and residual income.  Whether your intended enterprise is a MMC, OPC or MIP, or you are just considering your options, we can offer guidance and work with you to develop the perfect plan.  With extensive experience adapting to the shifting policy of the State Licensing Authority and constantly evolving rules and regulations we can make sure you are up to code and remain operating within the legal boundaries.


We are always interested in new ventures and ideas.

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